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Welcome to the Australian Night Vision Resource.

I don't have many pages up yet. If you've stumbled across this page, then it's because you came too early! If you have specific questions, you can email me directly - cj7hawk at 



While this notice is up, you can contact me for FREE TESTING of your Night Observation Devices. You can be Military, Police or Civilian. All equipment will be tested with a standard TS-4348/UV test-set and will be tested for pass/fail in Gen2 and Gen3 with details of how close it came to pass/fail. Your obligation is to arrange an appointment for the test ( can be while-u-wait ) or to cover shipping to and from my location. Only equipment within Australia ( due to export regulations ) and if you have too much kit, the free testing is limited to the first five items, though I may do the lot for free depending on how much you have. This is provided at present as a service to the Australian Night Vision Community. Please contact me prior to shipping equipment to discuss. A report will be provided for each item tested. See my details above for my email address.

Other ways to contact me?

The best way is to catch me on one of the forums. I'd recommend you connect to the Night Vision Forum, Airgun BBS Forum or AR15 forum ( links below ) and send me a PM or just ask me your questions directly through a post to the forum ( eg, "Question for CJ7HAWK - I wanted to ask... " ) and there you have it. If you do join the forums, please let them all know you came there from the AUMR. I have friends on those forums too and if they know you came there from my page, they'll look after you and help with your questions. 

Anyway, welcome. Here's some articles to get you going.

Recent and Popular Discussions: ( Articles )


Night Vision OnlineDealers forums. Slow, but some experience here
Night Vision ForumsNight Vision Forums are the main forum
Airgun BBSBusiest NV forum around. Not just for Airguns
AR15 NV ForumsBusy US forum. These guys tend to Gen3
UFO Sky WatchUsing Night Vision to look for unusual objects. Not as weird as it sounds...
Russian NV Forum Not in english - Needs Google Translate
Night Vision Forum EuropeNot in english, but has english section.
Night Vision Forum UKNew NV forum in the UK - Very good.
Night Vision AustraliaSells Gen 1,2,3,D - High end equipment. Also photographic and low cost items. They have a great NV Digital Camera Adapter quite cheaply. Will sell to public. 
Military and Law Enforcement TechnologiesSell Gen 1,2,3 - Not sure about public sales - Can someone let me know if I don't get around to it soon? Also sell camera-based surveillance items. 
Brite Star AustraliaVery helpful and sells Gen2/3 and seems to have a good idea of what they are selling. Will sell Gen2 publically, will sell Gen3 to government. May have surplus or lower cost tubes but typically sells high end kit.  Was exceptionally helpful on the phone. Professional supplier. - Consumer grade low-end NV - Gen1 and Digital. Seems to be all Yukon. end products, all Bushnell from the look of their website. Eastern States - Syd/Bris/Mel
http://www.pointtrading.comPoint trading are a defence/government supplier of high-end IIT based systems and of commercial aviation NV equipment.
W.A. Same as Night Vision Shop - below. 
Night Vision ShopSell Gen 1,2 (3 Mil/Pol/Gov) Thermal. ATN dealer.
The Kit BagSell Yukon brand ( Yukon has a good reputation for Gen1 equipment and some Gen2 ) based, will supply Gen1, Gen2 Yukon and high end Thermal equipment ( importer ) and can supply Gen3 as well - Speak to Alan.
LastekSell high-end Photonis image intensifiers.
QLD is the official Yukon/Pulsar distributor in Australia. Mostly Gen1 but has some Gen2 gear. All basic stuff on their website. prices, but seem to sell some gear. distributor and NV reseller. Gen1, Digital and Gen2/Gen3 equipment in QLD.

Know anyone else? Please let me know. 

Interesting links in Australia related to Night Vision. - Walks through a forest at night.

Know someone else? Please let me know. Small dealers are fine, including "Backyard" dealers. Just be honest with me about what their exposure is to the tech please.

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