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guest at 12:36:41 02-13-2010

ANother guest comment.

guest at 19:07:37 04-08-2010

Yer i like it , well done david, and to you guys putting this thing together if you strike a problem stop production and ask us about the problem, these things go together in more than one way, but the easy way it as it was explained. when i do them on the bench i found that by putting the spring into the end cap then slipping the i/t onto the end cap then rotate till the key locks in, i then stand them up on that end cap facing down put a screw in  centre marks alighned and continue as david has said to do, just makes it alot easier to manage

As they are a bit of a hand full and you dont want to drop it.

And guys you are in for a real treat when the completed unit is finished, what you have is the base for a bigger and by far beyond anything hat has ever been on the market, and im gessing you will all know about that part of it by the end of the month or there abouts.

In three months time every  hunter will be watching what you can do with these things, and you are the only blokes with them . cheers

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