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guest at 00:28:08 05-13-2010

Very nice work indeed, so how did you attach the battery housing to the tube? I can't see that from the pictures.  And the wiring, do you have drawings of how you wired it up?? I'd love to see it. you can e-mail at -email deleted- if you like.

Hi Snazzy - I'll send you an email. The battery compartment base is bonded to the tube with epoxy, though the battery holder itself unscrews. Wiring is fairly simple but I did need to install some contacts within the battery housing and expand the diameter of the channels about 0.5mm for ease of installation. I also installed the auto-on leads by soldering the wires onto the screws, with this running through a three-way switch.  If you're intent on making one, I'm happy to offer suggestions as you go - It's not an easy project though and does require a little skill in shaping the base. David. 

guest at 10:03:52 05-21-2010

Dave , I have no issues with tools/cutting making a good mess on the floor, been doing that kind of thing for a while now.  That project of yours came out so good.  So epoxied the battery box on you say.  I've got a 5B lens on my tube which is a bit smaller but it is good. Not quite as big as the 5C lens but it should work alright.   A project I finished a while ago I took a 5B tube and I put a camera lens for an objective and PVC to make the connection to the tube, and the eyepiece I got surplus that I borged onto the tube with more PVC, then I put the whole thing on a picitinny rail for rifle mounting , came out good but I think the camera lens doesn't let in enough light.  So now I want one like yours, have to order up the airsoft parts.

Look at the F-number to find out roughly what size the aperture is. it's the number after the colon on the lens. Good lenses for night vision have F-numbers lower than 2. It sounds like a good project. Please send me some pictures when you're done... I'll add an "email me" link to the front page of the site this weekend.  David.

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