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guest at 08:50:40 03-20-2010

Great modification, thanks for posting!

guest at 12:14:37 03-20-2010

Great post!  Really Great!!

So often the mods that are posted on the web don't go into enough detail for guys like me who don't have a good background.  Real money and time saver.


guest at 02:16:41 04-03-2010

Great project. You're a bright guy.

Post a piccy of your setup, how does your nv attach to the reflex?

The Reflex Scope has to be placed in front of the NV sight, so that the NV sight can look through it. This includes using something like a mount arm for the PVS-14 and similar, through to simply mounting your scope low enough to look through the aiming window.  However if your scope sits on the rear of your rifle, space is an issue. I've seen it done very effectively with the M4, using the front rail on the handgrip and you can also get barrel-mounts to place a weaver rail down-barrel of your scope for the sight to attach to. I hope to have some pictures of such a setup using a large cascade tube based NV scope in the near future. David.

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